2012 ICPC World Finals

Students from St. Petersburg State University of Information Technology, Mechanices & Optics take the Gold at IBM-Sponsored ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Out of 112 universities from around the world, St. Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics & Optics emerges as winner of “World’s Smartest Trophy”

The Winning Team - Andrey Stankevich (Coach), Eugeny Kapun (Contestant), Mikhail Kever (Contestant), Niyaz Nigmatullin (Contestant)

The competition begins…

Once a team solves a problem a balloon is tied to their workstation as a visual indicator of who has solved the most problems. Each problem has a certain color balloon. There are also live scoreboards projected on the wall, however during the last hour of competition the scoreboards are frozen so contestants don’t know the exact standings!

Top 12 Finishers

The Ending

The reading of results had everyone on the edge of their seats. It was announced that the University of Warsaw had successfully solved 9 problems, moving them ahead of St. Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics & Optics however St. Petersburg still had one question to be resolved.

After moments of heart pounding anticipation the last problem was resolved and it turned out that St. Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics & Optics had also solved 9 questions and since their time was 337 minutes shorter they became the first place World Champions!

About the Contest

The contest challenges students to solve the most computer programming problems in the least amount of time. Demonstrating their elite problem solving and programming skills, St. Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics & Optics successfully solved nine problems in five hours. The World Champions will return home with “The World’s Smartest Trophy,” as well as awards and a guaranteed offer of employment or internship with IBM.

“This is a sport. Many teams go to camps specifically to train; it’s mental gymnastics.”
– Sal Vella of IBM

Problem Set of the 2012 ICPC Finals, click here.
Official Results of the 2012 ICPC Finals, click here.

 Coming soon..

We will have an interview with the winning team once they return home from Warsaw. Stay Posted!

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