My Diary on the “The Hour of Code”

So what is Hour of Code? The Hour of Code is a global movement with a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code, showing that anybody can learn the basics! Anyone anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. No age limitations. No experience needed. By now, almost 1203 Hour of Code events were conducted in India. It is held every year from 7th Dec to 13th Dec.


What hooked me to this? When I filled the volunteering form, I was excited and I was hoping on the other end there would be a school or an organization that might need someone like me. Voila, after few days I received a mail from Aashansh foundation. I responded back and a meetup was conducted the same week. There were around 10 volunteers, 4 of them are students (including me) and the rest were professionals, with a work experience ranging from 2 to 12 years. We brainstormed ideas and debated our views and how everything would go about. Riya (member of Aashansh) explained to all of us the detailed class structure and she managed the team really well. Yes, go team! We were now a team.

The team has been working passionately from that day on. I joined on 11th Dec and my first day at Love Grove Public school was amazing. My co-volunteer Abhishek simplified the hour of code concept, which was wonderful! The kids were eager to learn each bit and byte. Finally, we ended taking a selfie with the kids and enlightening their young minds with lines of codes.


The next day, we went to JES college which was quite welcoming. Most of us got enough time to know each other’s perspective about industries and the Indian startups!


On the final day, all the volunteers were together. We had decided to make the physically disabled acquainted with computers and introduce them to Hour of Code. Surprisingly, few of them were forthcoming while others shared their hobbies, interests, favorite movies and film stars. We also got to know that some of them were interested in pursuing a career in coding and some who wanted to create their Facebook accounts!! We happily helped them and fulfilled their wishes.

Some more candid photos:




Also, this post serves as thanks to all of my new friends: Megha, Abhishek, Bhavesh, Vikram, Dharmesh, Riya, Aditya, Ishaan, Arpit, Rahul and Taher. With whom I had a great time as I learned new things and saw a new world. Furthermore, none of it was possible without the Founder of Aashansh Mr. Ramesh Joshi and Coderstrust. I would like to thank them for believing in us and giving us this wonderful opportunity.

In the end, whoever is reading this post- I encourage you to learn a new programming language: maybe something as simple as HTML or as old as Fortran (though I would suggest the former) . One thing that is important is to Believe in Yourself. As the Japanese proverb says- “Fall seven times, stand up eight” , nothing pays off but hard work. If you want to do something and somehow you aren’t able to accomplish it– Follow this 5 sec rule by Mel Robbins that says Anytime you have an idea that seems like a sure thing, act to advance it within five seconds. Why? Because your brain’s main job is to avoid trouble and risk, so in less than five seconds it will persuade you to abandon your idea. So go ahead and make your move, learn something new and master IT for yourself.

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