About Maria Gaci

Maria Gaci is a graduate student at the European Institute of Technology (EIT Digital), a double degree program with major in Digital Media Technology (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden), specialization in Hypermedia (Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland) and minors in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Her research interests include social robotics, multimodal interaction and 3D graphics. She is also interested in child education and women in computer science. Her hobbies are photography and bouldering.

A world full of emojis

In 2010, a new trend emerged in electronic messages and web pages: emojis. There is an interesting journey behind these cute little images, and it is definitely worth to understand how and why they were initially created.

Emojis (less known as pictographs) are images encoded as text and exist in various genres: facial expressions , common objects , food , places ⛰️, activities ⛷, animals and most of what you can think of . The word comes from the Japanese (e ≅ picture) + (moji ≅ written character). 2823 emojis exist in total (as of today) and it is estimated that about 6 billion emojis are sent every single day. Continue reading